The Real You DVD

The Real You

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Who is the real you? All the scriptures ask us to: "Know thyself." We often hear people say, "Oh, I don't know why I'm so miserable today. Yesterday I know I was happy but I don't know what's wrong today." Sri Swami Satchidananda (Sri Gurudev) points out that the mind is changeable: it was happy yesterday, it is unhappy today and the mind may be happy tomorrow. The condition of the mind changes, but who you are doesn't change. The one who "knows" and witnesses these changes in the past, present and future is the knower, the True Self. Sri Gurudev says, "That is what the secret is: There's somebody who knows that you are sleeping. Who is that somebody? That is the real you. The real 'you' is constantly witnessing everything."

Topics Include:

  • Quieting the restless mind
  • The nature of free will and its relationship to karma
  • The importance of purity of heart
  • As well as cultivating Viveka (discrimination) and vairagya (dispassion)
  • What God Can Do
  • Swami Satchidananda's Life
  • Everyone Can Achieve the Goal
  • God is Everywhere Be God's Instrument

Recorded on: December 29, 2001

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