Yoga For Children with Swami Satchidananda DVD

Yoga For Children with Swami Satchidananda

  • $14.95

Yoga helps children develop strong flexible, healthy bodies and clear focused minds. Its 5000-year-old system of physical postures and deep relaxation promotes self-confidence and discipline to succeed in school, sports and creative activities. Through Yoga, children learn to relax and enjoy life, despite the fast pace and high stress of today’s world.Yoga is fun! Primarily for children 5 to 13, but the whole family can join in for fun and fitness. Along with each pose, Sri Gurudev gives a brief explanation of the physiological benefits. The DVD introduces children to Yoga and inspires continued practice. Yoga can be done alone or with friends. Even toddlers love to play along with the bigger kids on screen.

Chants and Explanation Sun Salutation Asanas: Cobra, Locust, Bow, Forward Bends, Shoulder Stand, Fish, Wheel, Tree, Roaring Lion Pose Yogic Seal Deep Relaxation and Closing Chants

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