Sandalwood Incense by Primo - Extra Special

Sandalwood Incense by Primo - Extra Special

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Primo Connoisseur Incense: Sandalwood10" long – 20 sticksThis extra-special Sandalwood is an exotic preparation from pure sandalwood oil powder. Unexcelled in quality and fragrance, Primo is internationally recognized as the finest, clean burning incense.Made by the Haridas Madhavdas family in India, who have been producing quality hand rolled masala incense for over a century. Primo Incense has been family owned and operated since its inception in 1969. Prepared from nature‘s finest essential oils, wood and tree powders, resins and aromatic herbs. Primo is internationally recognized as the worlds‘ finest, clean burning incense.

Primo Sandalwood Incense - Rejuvenate your soul

Sandalwood has been closely related to religious and ceremonial events. In the earlier times, possessing a piece of sandalwood was considered as luxury as the authentic ones are very expensive. However, over the years it has become an integral and essential ingredient in incense sticks and many other items that need to radiate fragrance. Because of this Primo designed there sandalwood incense to invoke a feeling of serenity so that lighting a stick imparts a feeling of calmness to all around.

More About the Product

Sandalwood incense by Primo is prepared from sandalwood that is used extensively for pujas and religious rituals. In fact, all the products of Primo are prepared from hand selected natural fragrance oils, flower petals, powders from different trees, tree gum, and charcoals.

Sandalwood incense by Primo is recognizable by its unique triangular packaging. Purchase the product here if you want to save some cash.

You can be assured that the Primo brand like all the incenses we carry is some of the best incense available. Primo Incense has been in business since 1969 and is has survived tough competition to becoming one of the standards around the world for a quality healthy burn.
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