Hari Om - Sacred Universal Mantra

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This mantra was selected by Sri Swami Satchidananda as one of the most univeral mantras one can repeat. He recommended the use of this mantra to seekers worldwide for chanting and meditation. It creates a powerful, uplifting vibration that awakens the natural energy in the body. Harih (Hari) is another name for the Cosmic Consciousness. It literally means "the One that removes all the obstacles and purifies." Many Mantras include OM.

In the beginning,God, or the Cosmic Consciousness, expressed as he World or as vibration. That vibration produced a hum which gave rise to the sylable OM, also known as prananva (that which hums).

Each syllable of this mantra has its own significance.

  • The first syllable "Ha" requires a gentle contraction of the abdomen.
  • "Ri" Brings the sound up to the throat.
  • Then as the "O" sound is made, the energy flows upward, vibrating the head.
  • The "M" sound is prolonged to give a beautiful, string humming vibration that flows up to the crown of the head, and then higher still.

By concentrating on this inner vibration you become tuned to the cosmic sound. You will feel peaceful and blissful because you are going to the very source of your true nature.

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