Laugha Yoga DVD

Laugha Yoga DVD

  • $14.95

In this Laugha Yoga® Standard Session you will learn many of the health benefits of laughter, participate in laughing games to stimulate laughter and experience a wonderful sense of peace and equanimity afterward.

In this talk Bharata elaborates on some key points in the science of laughter. Bharata Wingham has been certified by Dr. Madan Kataria to train Laughter Yoga Leaders and currently leads Laugha Yoga Certification programs and weekly Laugha Yoga Sessions in Yogaville, Virginia and other locations."My purpose in life is to bring healing laughter to the world, while having faith in the words of A Course in Miracles that 'the world will end in laughter'; which, in my experience, it does every time we laugh.

This DVD also contains a 30 minute special feature with a talk given by Bharata Wingham on "The Sound of One Clown Laughing".

The world of pain and hyper-seriousness come to an end with laughter. We can't laugh and maintain fear – the source of all sickness." ~Bharata Wingham

Length: 55 min

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