A Drop Of The Ocean

A Drop Of The Ocean

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The collaboration between these two legendary, if somewhat distinct, masters was born of Krishna Das' desire to work with Sultan Khan in the studio. Initially the plan was for a Das produced Sultan Khan record of traditional bhajans (songs of devotion). That changed one day when Sultan Khan walked in the studio and said to Krishna Das "OK, you sing". Krishna Das laughed and declined. Khan looked at him and replied seriously "Then I don't play?. That day's collaboration resulted in the arresting track Song To The Goddess featuring vocal call and response between Das and Khan. "It is one thing to collaborate with a good musician" Das states somewhat awed, "but this is one of the the all time greats!"

Throughout the course of the sessions Das continued the collaboration including adding readings of classic Hindu text over Khan?s singularly emotive sarangi playing. The result is as distinctive and unpredictable as it is moving and beautiful. Rounding out the cast of A Drop Of The Ocean is tabla player extraordinaire and Zakir Hussain protege Ty Burhoe, guitarist David Nichtern of the group Drala (and writer of the classic song Midnight at the Oasis) and long time Krishan Das musical associate keyboardist John McDowell.


  1. Lullabye - 15:34
  2. Goddess - 14:43 
  3. Devotion - 14:27
  4. Windows - 9:40

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