Chant: The Best in World Chant - 2 CDs

Chant: The Best in World Chant - 2 CD Set

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Chant: The Best in World Chant - 2 CDs with Robert GassSelected by celebrated composer and author Robert Gass, this inspiring, double-album collection of chants from around the globe brings to life the remarkable world of contemporary chant. Including music from Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, African, Native American, Shamanic, and many other traditions, this is an excellent source for inspiration and healing. Robert Gass is world famous for leading edge work in human consciousness for over twenty-five years. Holding a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Public Practice from Harvard, he synthesizes an unusually diverse background in humanistic psychology, music, business, political activism and spiritual studies. Co-creator (with his wife Judith) of the Opening the Heart workshops, Gass has led hundreds of thousands of people in seminars on spirituality, relationships and leadership at universities, businesses, educational centers and conferences around the world, including Body & Soul, Omega Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Brown University. Highly regarded as a composer, performer, and recording artist, Robert has released over twenty albums of inspirational and relaxing music to uplift the human spirit with his renowned choral group On Wings of Song. His musical career spans classical, rock, and chant and he is the founder of Spring Hill Music, the foremost producer of transformational and chanting music in the country. Robert's CDs and tapes have sold over 600,000 copies and his recording of Om Namaha Shivaya was hailed by New Age Journal as "one of the twenty most influential recordings of the last twenty years."

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