Everything is for Good DVD

Everything is for Good

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Sri Swami Satchidananda offers one of the main keys to peace: accepting everything that happens to us in our lives with the understanding that it is all for good. He summarizes this teaching in these four lines:"It's all God's name. It's all God's form. It's all God's deed. It's all for good."He further explains that sometimes we forget that there is a Cosmic Consciousness working in us, through us and keeping us alive. Even if we don't want to believe in God, we may believe in what science has proven: Everything is made out of atoms. Once we find that atom within us and once we have seen that atom within ourselves, we will be able to see the same atom in everybody. Or, in other words, once we have seen the God within, we can see God in everybody and the good behind everything.

Sri Gurudev also answers questions and offers his guidance on a variety of subjects including advice to massage therapists, bodyworkers and Yoga teachers on the role of spirituality in the healing arts and how to not absorb negative energy from clients.

Topics include:

  • Atheism and Faith
  • Being at Peace With What Is
  • How to Love and Accept Oneself
  • Is Seeking Enlightenment an Obstacle to It?

Recorded on: December 1, 2001

ⓟⓒ2007 Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville, Inc.

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