Faith DVD


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Sri Swami Satchidananda explores the profound subject of Faith with simplicity, timeless wisdom and humor. He teaches that there is nobody in the world without faith. Whether we know it or not, we have faith - in ourselves, in Yoga, in something! As long as we have some faith, that faith can work wonders. This DVD captures the spontaneity and energy of a public talk providing a beautiful opportunity to sit with Sri Gurudev and be guided by his vast wisdom.

What one quality is the prerequisite for success in spiritual life? What one virtue can give you the ability to achieve anything, to attain unending peace, to know the inner Self, and to be successful in business, marriage and everyday life? This quality is faith. All the scriptures unanimously proclaim this truth. No matter what you do, how you do, where you do and why you do - if you don’t have faith, you will feel lost.

Topics include:

  • Faith in Action
  • Saints
  • Your Faith Will Be Tested
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