Power Yoga - Yoga for Prisoners and Others Desiring Change

  • $9.95

Power Yoga for Prisoners and Others Desiring Change is the first book about Yoga by a prisoner. The author Kristofer Ryan was introduced to the Sun Salutation as a warm up for his fitness training in 2007. Within six months he created the sequence in this book to meet his own needs. The books on yoga that he had been working with were not challenging enough for an athlete like himself or too difficult for someone who lacked the flexibility of an advanced student. In this book the author shares the sequence he created through daily practice in the confined space of his cell. In this sequence he applies a pragmatic approach to movement efficiency and makes fine adjustments by applying the insights he gained in magazines, books, and correspondence with yoga teachers. The sequence is designed to work the entire body in a way that meets all fitness levels. If you are looking to gain power, strength, focus, and flexibility for your body and mind (and don’t mind sweating to get there), you won’t be disappointed in what Kristofer Ryan has put together. Try this book yourself or send it to someone that needs positive change in his or her life.