Seven Metals by Benjamin Iobast CD

Seven Metals by Benjamin Iobast

  • $16.98

Seven Metals - by Benjamin IobastThis beautiful and faithful recording of Tibetan singing bowls is superb for relaxation, massage & bodywork, deep sound meditation, Yoga relaxation and sleep inducement. Consisting of two sessions of 27-28 minutes each, 25 different singing bowls are used to create the most amazing sound vibrations perfect for deeply letting go. In fact the liner notes clearly warn that this music should NOT be played while driving!"The bowls are powerful meditative tools that allow the client to reach deep levels of relaxation. . . " - M. Jeffrey Schmidt, Massage Magazine"This is an extraordinary recording of Tibetan bowls performed by a master of this tradition." - Jonathan Goldman, Author of Healing Sounds"Since 1970 I have worked in the health care profession (initially in nursing and since 1983 as a bodywork therapist.) Some years ago Tibetan singing bowls got into my blood and while exploring their sound wave phenomena it occurred to me to see what effect they might have on my bodywork clients. I began my research by playing one or more bowls for a few minutes at the start of each session (with the client already on the massage table and given no special instructions or suggestions about what to experience.) Two thousand such sessions later this recording is born...." - Benjamin Iobst

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