Sparkling Together

Sparkling Together

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Love is knowing that you are special and everyone else is special too..." Guided by their new friend Starbright of Planet Om, Sky and his sister Rose discover universal love as the main key in facing life's challenges.Sparkling Together contains eight colorfully illustrated stories each encompassing one of the challenges common to childhood experience. This interplanetary fantasy is geared toward children ages 5-9.

Sparkling Together is a wonderfully engaging book: lively characters, important concerns, radiant illustrations, and a joyful healing energy. I lent my copy of the book to my seven years old neighbor, and she has asked me if she can keep it for awhile, so she can read it again ...and again. - David Marshak, professor of education at Seattle University and author The Common Vision: Parenting and Educating for Wholeness

This lovely book is a terrific selection for young readers. Anger; environmental challenges, moving to a new house; and even death are topics explored, helping children learn to relate to such situations in a loving, healing way that celebrates life. - S. Aurin Haber, New Age Retailer, Bellingham, WA

Sparkling Together is a delightful book touching upon so many areas of vital interest to young children. How refreshing to read stories that promise to bring peace and hope to our little ones. - Brian Swimme, mathematical cosmologist, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA

Children will find reassurance in these unsettling times with Sparkling Together, an endearing book of eight short stories, illustrating universal inner truths. - Bonnie Bragg, children's librarian and parent educator, Monterey Bay Area, CA

Sparkling Together: Starbright and His Earthling Friends explores many issues and challenges children face today, which make this book intelligent and thought provoking, as well as an instrumental teaching tool for children. I recommend this delightful book as a bedtime story for parent and child as a way to stay connected. - Betsie's Literary Page, St. Louis, Missouri

Excellent story format with colorful, exciting illustrations. Planet Om becomes a mystical magical place through the imagery of this talented illustrator. The lessons are cleverly disguised in the plot and the interaction between the characters is realistic and imaginative. Recommended for ages 4-10. - Shirley Roe, Allbooks Reviews, Mississauga, Ontario,

CanadaI enjoyed reading Sparkling Together with its emphasis on the heart. That's truly where we're all connected. Sparkling Together reinforces the importance of understanding others feelings and living from the heart. - Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., President and CEO, Quantum Intech, Inc. Boulder Creek, CAAn

Exceptional blend of fantasy and ethics! Kudos to Jyoti Ma for never lecturing readers; she teaches by demonstrating positive values in action. The exciting stories, written in easy-to-read vocabulary, will encourage young readers to keep turning the pages. Little ones will delight in Chandra Devi's brilliant illustrations. High quality, glossy pages assure this book will endure the repetitive readings which children are bound to request. - Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf, Duncan, Oklahoma

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