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Sri Swami Satchidananda (Sri Gurudev) explains that behind all of our actions is this one goal. If we ask someone, "Why are you going to college?" the response will usually be, "I want to get a degree, find a good job, make a lot of money and be happy ever after."Ask someone else why they want to travel and the response may be, "I want to see the world and then I will be happy."

Sri Gurudev teaches that happiness is our true nature. We don't need to "find" happiness but instead learn how not to disturb the happiness and joy that is our true nature.In this Satsang, Sri Gurudev illustrates the various ways we seem to lose our happiness and he reveals the secret to retaining that happiness under all conditions. One way we often lose touch with our happiness is when we get disappointed. What causes disappointment? When we make an appointment and that gets "dissed." He reminds us that if we can let go of our expectations, wants and desires, we will discover permanent-rather than fleeting-happiness.

Topics include

  • Happiness: You Had It, You Miss It, You Want It
  • When Did You Become Unhappy?
  • Have Less Wants and More Joy
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