The Highest Wisdom DVD

The Highest Wisdom

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In this Satsang that followed the deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa, Swami Satchidananda gave a special message. He reflected upon the lessons we can learn from the lives of great people. He posed the question: “In our own hearts, we should know, ‘Are we leading a selfish life, or a selfless, loving life?’ If we can learn that lesson and apply it in our lives, we have shown much tribute to those two glorious, saintly people who passed away recently.” Sri Gurudev explained that the highest wisdom was demonstrated in the lives of saints like Mother Teresa, St. Francis of Assisi, Saint Ramalinga and others who felt themselves to be nothing but humble instruments in the hands of God. “By acquiring that wisdom, experiencing that, we live in constant peace, constant happiness. You only know that you are happy that God is using you.” This DVD captures the spontaneity and energy of a public talk providing a beautiful opportunity to sit with Sri Gurudev and be guided by his vast wisdom.

Additional topics include:

  • The Guru-Disciple Relationship
  • Ask, “Who am I?”
  • Tribute to Sri Gurudev by Amma Kidd

ⓟⓒ2007 Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville, Inc.

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