Health, Yoga & Anatomy - Sandra McLanahan, MD - DVD

Health, Yoga & Anatomy - Sandra McLanahan, MD - DVD

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In this video Dr. McLanahan actually draws the exact location of the various organs on a student's body, while explaining their function and how they are benefited by the Yoga postures being demonstrated.This video is a perfect aid to students as well as teachers of Yoga because it serves to deepen the appreciation and understanding of how this timeless science benefits the entire physical body.

Dr. Amrita McLanahan shows how Yoga postures affect the different organs and functions of the body. Also covered is the importance of a vegetarian diet to maintain optimum health. Relax, renew and revitalize through the practice of Hatha Yoga! Hatha Yoga brings balance and vitality to all the body's systems while stretching muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Sandra A. McLanahan, M.D. is the founder and Executive Medical Director of Integral Health Services, a holistic health care practice in Buckingham, Virginia.Dr. McLanahan has served as Director of Stress Management for the Preventative Medicine Research Institute of San Francisco, California.She is a much sought after speaker in the areas of nutrition, preventive and holistic medicine and stress management. A longtime student of Integral Yoga, Dr. McLanahan has an extensive knowledge of the medical benefits of the Yogic practices, and has been featured on the following television programs: CBS Sunday Morning NOVA Bill Moyer's Healing and the Mind series PBS special Cholesterol: Can You Cut It?as well as in the following magazines: MS Esquire Prevention Discover Weight Watchers Complementary Medicine

Length: 105min

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